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The research of Melbourne Apartment Pricing

by Elite February 28, 2018
We’ve been focused on the trending of Melbourne Apartment Pricing for a long time. According to the data released by Australia's well-known real estate research institute SQM Research, as of 2017, vacancy results in all capitals in Australia are declining

Melbourne Short Stay Market

by Elite March 28, 2018
Along with the prevalence of Airbnb in recent years, more and more homeowners have found an interest of investment in the Melbourne short stay market, whilst intentionally avoiding the private Melbourne rental market.

Melbourne Real Estate Market Overview

by Elite March 28, 2018
Recently, the Melbourne real estate market has finally recovered its prosperity. According to data shown by CoreLogic, the Melbourne Real Estate market held 2,078 auctions last week, breaking last October's record.

Melbourne Apartment and Melbourne Rental Market

by Elite April 05, 2018
More and more people have chosen to accumulate savings in the Melbourne rental market by sharing the weekly rent with someone else and leasing the Melbourne apartment bedroom, living room, car-park out. If properly calculated, part of the rent will be tur

Melbourne property market Overview

by Elite April 05, 2018
However, there are still a majority of overseas investors who are unfamiliar with the Melbourne property market due to the Melbourne property policies.

Melbourne apartment-Docklands Apartment for Rent

by Elite April 11, 2018
In Melbourne, a considerable amount of Melbourne apartment are located in suburbs near the city. Such as Melbourne CBD, Docklands apartment for rent and Southbank apartment for rent.

Melbourne Short Stay is Growing Up

by Elite April 18, 2018
Melbourne short-stay market is grasping more and more attention from Melbourne property managers, real-estate agencies and property investors in recent years, which also placed Melbourne into the top 20 cities in the global ranking for short-stay service

Melbourne Apartment Buy and Housing Investment

by Elite April 29, 2018
Real estate experts have asserted that it is necessary to have at a 2 million budget if buyers are interested in Melbourne's wealthiest urban areas such as CBD/Docklands apartment for sale, the recent Melbourne property data has shown that $1 million is o

Melbourne apartment | Melbourne Rental Market

by Elite April 29, 2018
New semester for school has begun, many students will undoubtedly have the thought of renting a Melbourne apartment. Although the school dormitories have a decent location, but the conditions of Melbourne apartment outside the school area may be much bett

Experts Analyse: Melbourne property prices and Melbourne real estate

by Elite May 24, 2018
In the past four months, the Melbourne property prices has fallen consecutively, but experts still believe that this does not represent the overall status of the Melbourne real estate. Instead, the overall Melbourne property prices have reduced due the im