Tammy Chen

Leasing Consultant, Assistant Property Manager
0422 257 566 tchen@ereal.com.au

Being resourceful and efficient, Tammy has a passion for achieving the best possible results for her clients. Her organised nature and assertive communication skills always deliver the project to everyone’s satisfaction. She believes life is a constant learning process, and being adaptable can lead to great things.


Recently joined ELITE, Tammy had many successes in her past careers, she brings on board knowledge and skills across Interior design, business and customer service. As an assertive communicator, Tammy can confidently build a relationship and engage with rental providers, renters and service providers.  With different knowledge under her belt.


Tammy is proficient in English and Mandarin. This complements her trustworthy and friendly nature, allowing her to successfully communicate with a range of clients. In her recent experience as an Airbnb super host, she was successfully managing two investment properties from being on top of the market trend, excellent communication and screening the right type of renters.


Outside of work, Tammy enjoys her family time, being outdoors walking and discovering all the amazing things Victoria has to offer.

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