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Landlord Insurance provides protection for some of the tenant related risks. Depending on the insurance company, it can cover for:。


  • Loss of rental income should your tenant abscond, default on the rent in some circumstances, experience hardship and are released per court order, or you’re prevented from accessing the property due to damage caused by an insured event; or
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  • If your property is untenantable for a minimum of 7 days whilst tenant related damage to contents by an insured event is being repaired.
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  • Building Cover: Fixtures and fittings, such as hot water systems, built-in air-conditioners and heaters, built-in cabinetry, doors, walls and windows, fencing, paths, driveways and in-ground swimming pools, rainwater tanks and solar panels, floor tiles.
  • Landlord contents cover: This could be big ticket contents items like light fittings, blinds and curtains, carpets, and electrical appliances.

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