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Melbourne Apartment Buy Analysis Report

Melbourne Apartment Buy | Melbourne Apartment

Nowadays, more and more first home buyers are no longer buying a Melbourne

apartment/house for living purpose anymore, but instead for investment. The

advantages of investing in Melbourne house/Melbourne apartment buy are outlined:


1.     Melbourne apartment/house has a great living environment

Most of the properties in Melbourne are single-family properties, with unique gardens, garages, swimming pools, etc. They occupy a large area that can be used for different kinds of daily activities, have better air quality, and overall an extremely comfortable living environment.

2.     Melbourne apartment buy/house buy investors can apply for interest-only loans

Melbourne property investors can apply for interest-only mortgages from banks. The general repayment period is 5 years and within 5 years, the owner only needs to pay interest on the total loan amount. This will not only reduce the repayment amount for investors, but also make it easier for owners to purchase properties in Melbourne.


3.     Melbourne apartment buy/house buy investors will have permanent ownership over the property

The initial deposit for Melbourne apartment buy/house buy is only 10% of the total payment amount, and the property is well furnished and decorated. At the same time, Melbourne’s local policy stipulates that the owner has the permanent control and ownership over the property, as well as a low exchange rate and interest-only mortgages.


4.     Easy to apply for loans

Since all the major banks in Melbourne believe that providing mortgages for investors interested in Melbourne house/Melbourne apartment buy is almost risk-free, thus investing in a Melbourne apartment/house is supported by banks and can easily subject to finance.




5.     Favourable tax policies

The tax policies for Investing in a Melbourne apartment/house is favourable. When reporting the taxable income, investors can use the expenditure generated by the investment to effectively reduce their tax liability.


For further enquiries, please do not hesitate to contact our professional Melbourne apartment selling agent on 1300 354 839 for more information and advice.

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